Dinghy Sailing for Adults

Taster Sessions

Experience the fun of dinghy sailing!  We offer taster sessions for adults, youngsters, families, parties and corporate groups.

Our instructors will guide you through the principals of sailing and get you at the helm of a sailing dinghy during our two hour sessions.  We will provide all the equipment you need, including a wetsuit and buoyancy aid.

Sessions run from 2pm – 4pm on Saturdays (weather permitting) and cost £49 per person for one-to-one tuition, £29 per person for groups of 2 or more.  All prices include VAT and hire of all equipment required including wetsuit.


Sailing Sessions for Adults

Every weekend from 1.30 until 5pm Saturday and Sunday we have Taster Sessions, dinghy hire and coaching available for you.  Enjoy the summer afternoons on the water knowing our safety boat is on the water and our instructors are on hand to offer advice on boat set-up, the weather conditions and to help to you launch.
You could even bring your friends and family with you and make an afternoon of it… Lunch at the Cosy Nook followed by a sunshine sail in the afternoon and a pint at the Bay or a drop of rhubarb wine at Foraging Vintners as a little “apres sail”…. Aaaah lovely!
Pre-book and your boats will be rigged, ready and waiting for you on the beach and our team there to help you launch and recover.  You can call us in the morning to book for an afternoon session.
If you’d like more formal tuition to complete the RYA courses, there will be an instructor here to lead you through the courses.  Each RYA Level will take 4 x full afternoons to complete.  Once you have completed RYA Levels 1 to 3, we have more courses to offer!  The RYA Scheme gives several options to choose from including Sailing With Spinnakers, Day Sailing, Seamanship Skills and Start Racing. You can take these courses in any order you wish.  Please contact to us to arrange your course.
Dinghy Hire:
Topper Taz £15 per hour (one or two small juniors)
Topper Topaz £20 per hour (two juniors, or one adult)
Topaz Vibe £30 per hour (two juniors, or one adult, boat has spinnaker and trapeze)
Wayfarer £40 per hour (perfect for two or three adults or a family, roomy and stable)
Coaching rates:
Dinghy hire + £15 per hour.
RYA  Courses
Level 1: Start Sailing
Level 2: Better Sailing
Level 3: Intermediate Sailing
Start Racing
Sailing With Spinnakers
Day Sailing
Each course is two days in duration, which can be run consecutively or over a series of shorter sessions.  Enjoy sailing in a range of different boats.  Our Instructing team will help you as you navigate your way through the RYA National Sailing Scheme, upon completion of each stage you will receive the appropriate RYA certificate.
Course fee: £260 per person including VAT and hire or all equipment.