Manx Youth Sailing Squad

Proud to have trained two World Champions, UK Inland Champion and numerous sailors who have recorded podium positions and top 10 results at World, European and National championships.

Formed in 2008 with a brief to deliver high level race coaching to a squad of Manx junior sailors and to take them to the National and Inland Championships in the UK each year.  The RS Tera is the class of choice for the team.

We support, encourage, nurture and train our sailors. 

Giving youngsters self belief, courage and confidence. 

Delivering excellence through an ethos of start small – grow strong…

We give our youngsters firm roots to grow their future careers from.

We rely on sponsorship and we are delighted to have the support of FIM Capital and from the island’s leading offshore law firm Appleby.  Sponsorship enables us to provide our sailors with high quality boats, sails, coaching, entry fees and the support network needed to to make this happen.  We are also grateful for the support of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company who help with travel to and from the Island.

2019 Training Dates

27 & 28 April

18 & 19 May

15 & 16 June

27 & 28 July


MYSS Hall of Fame


UK End of Season Overall Rankings: 7th Peter Cope (Pro), 7th Teddy Dunn (Sport)

RS Tera World Championship at Weymouth: Teddy Dunn Gold Fleet 9th .

Nickolas Ellis Silver Fleet 1st


UK End of Season Overall Rankings:  3rd Teddy Dunn, 6th Peter Cope

RS Tera Nationals at Weymouth: 6th Peter Cope

RS Tera Worlds at Carnac, Brittany: 12th Peter Cope.  With special note to Nickolas Ellis, Georgia Harding and Tom Whitbread, 1, 2, 3 off the start line – impressive moment for the Manx in a fleet of 65 boats!

RS Tera Inlands at Rutland: 6th Peter Cope

RS Tera Start of Seasons: 3rd Teddy Dunn, 6th Peter Cope


RS Tera World Championship, Spain: 3rd Ben Batchelor, 15th Alec Cope.

RS Tera National Championship, Pwlhelli: 3rd Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Inland Championship: 3rd Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Scottish Nationals: 3rd Teddy Dunn


Start of Seasons: 5th Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Inlands: 9th Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Nationals: 3rd Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Worlds: 10th Ben Batchelor

At the end of the season Ben was ranked Number 1 in the RS Tera class in Great Britain! Ben is a recipient IOM Sport Aid Foundation support, this year his grant comes from the Mark Cavendish Foundation and Ben is delighted that Cav is following his progress on Twitter!


Start of Seasons: 4th Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Northern Championship: 6th Matt Perry, 7th James Arnold

RS Tera Worlds: 14th Patrick Cope, 15th Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Inlands: 8th Ben Batchelor, 11th Patrick Cope, 15th Alec Cope


RS Tera Nationals: 14th Ffinlo Wright

RS Tera Inlands: 6th Ffinlo Wright, 2nd (Sport fleet) Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Worlds: 15th Ben Batchelor (Sport fleet)

Coach Jen Kneale shortlisted for Coach of the Year at IOM Sports Awards


RS Tera Worlds: 1st Greg Kelly,  4th Ffinlo Wright, 9th Amie Shute, 10th Ben Batchelor

RS Tera Nationals: 4th Greg Kelly, 8th Ben Batchelor (Sport), 14th Ffinlo Wright, 15th Amie Shute

RS Tera Inlands: 1st Greg Kelly, 9th Amie Shute, 14th Ffinlo Wright

Greg Kelly awarded RYA NW Region Young Sailor of the Year.


RS Tera Nationals: 4th Greg Kelly, 5th Izzy Sharpe, 7th Amie Shute

RS Tera Worlds: 5th Amie Shute, 8th Izzy Sharpe, 4th (Sport fleet) Greg Kelly, 14th (Sport fleet) Ffinlo Wright

RS Tera Inlands: 4th Greg Kelly, 6th Ffinlo Wright, 14th Matt Perry


James Kelly wins RS Tera Worlds! Hannah Howitt is 1st girl (5th overall), Izzy Sharpe 2nd girl (7th overall). 7th Greg Kelly (Sport fleet)

RS Tera Nationals: 10th Greg Kelly (Sport fleet), 14th Ffinlo Wright (Sport fleet).  11th Hannah Howitt, 14th Izzy Sharpe

RS Tera Inlands: MYSS wins the Team Prize.   3rd Izzy Sharpe, 6th Hannah Howitt, 12th Amie Shute, 14th James Kelly.  Sport fleet: 5th Greg Kelly, 10th Ffinlo Wright

Manx Youth Sailing Squad shortlisted for Team of the Year at IOM Sports Awards and Jen for Coach of the Year.


Winners of RS Tera Nationals Team Trophy.  7th Greg Kelly, 8th James Kelly, 12th Izzy Sharpe

RS Tera Europeans: 6th James Kelly. 3rd Greg Kelly (under 12s)


RS Tera Inlands: Greg Kelly wins the first race and finishes 3rd overall, with James Kelly, 10th and Izzy Sharpe 14th.