October Sailing Sessions

For all of you who have enjoyed our summer sailing courses and would like to spend some more time on the water before the winter really sets in, we will be running supervised sailing sessions on Sunday afternoons from 2pm until 4pm throughout October.  These sessions are not a formal course but the opportunity for you to get on the water with our instructors on hand to give advice and organise activities.

We will be running a total of five sessions with a fee of £20 per person per session.  You can attend as many or as few as you like, if you book for all five in advance we’ll give you the fifth session free!  Places are limited for these sessions so advance booking is essential, please book early to avoid disappointment.

First session @ 2pm Sunday 1st October, please note these sessions are for juniors only (ages 8 to 16)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to consolidate all the skills you have learned over the summer and to start working towards your next RYA level.

Autumn Powerboat Courses

RYA Powerboat Level 1

Dates: Saturday 7th October
Monday 30th October (Youth Course for ages 12 to 18)
Tuesday 31st October (Youth Course for ages 12 to 18)
Wednesday 1st November (Youth Course for ages 12 to 18)

RYA Powerboat Level 2

Dates: Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October
Sunday 8th & Monday 9th October
Saturday 14th & Saturday 21st October
Sunday 15th & Sunday 22nd October

International Certificate of Competence (Power)

Dates: Saturday 4th November, 10.30am Theory Prep Session (optional)
Saturday 4th November, 1.30pm I.C.C. Assessment

Jon is here full time, so if you want to do a course but cannot make any of the above dates please contact us and we will try and arrange a course at times to suit you.

Full course details can be found in the ‘Activities’ area of this site. If you require any further information about our courses please call us on 450801.

Boats for sale………

It’s the end of the season and we’ve decided to put the RS Teras on sale (don’t worry – we intend to replace them next year!)
For full details of the boats please follow this link:

The boats are ideal kids boats, the perfect step up from an Oppie, lighter and more managable than a Pico and way cooler than a Topper!

We have a fleet of six at 7th Wave in Port Erin, full retail price is £995 inc VAT we’re selling ours, fully rigged and ready to go, with trolleys and top covers at £600, plus the boats are already on the Island so there’s no need to worry about transporting them over here.  The boats are all in good condition having only had one season’s use.  We will definately be replacing them with the same next season.

The boats are great for beginners, intermediate and advanced sailors – they have been tested in a Force 6 to 7, survived in tact and proved to be great fun!  Dave has the photies to prove it! They should also rate really well on handicap, a fine race boat for those of you too small to progress in to the Laser 4.7.

Boats are available to view at any time, please contact us.

New Powerboat Instructor!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JQ!!!!  JQ has just spent the past week down in Southampton doing his powerboat instructor course – which he passed with flying colours, well done Jon we’re all very pleased for you.  Now you’re really gonna have to earn your keep – full time powerboat courses until the end of November methinks – I’ve even got a scutch of kids lined up to do a course or three with you!!!!

Well done you, i’m proud of you!  Me and jack haven’t missed you (much), that’s not really true we’ve missed you loads (especially when we had to try and get the lid off the jerry can!!) Good job we’ve got some hardcore strong girls working here and we coped in your absence, didn’t get the landy or any boats stuck on the beach, didn’t break much that we couldn’t fix and don’t think we had too many blonde incidents and the ones we did have will be well and truly covered up by the time you get home!!!!

Another windy day in Port Erin

That’s it, the end of our first summer is rapidly approaching! The kids are all going back to school, the wind is blowing (lots), it’s september & it might even rain…….. So we’re having a bit of a slow day today, but that’s ok, it’s quite a welcome break from the place being packed with kids on sailing courses as we have been for the past six weeks non stop!
Yep, Port Erin bay has proved to be a fine location for our sailing school, generally the weather has been kind to us.  We have lost a few days sailing, but only in the strong westerly winds, which still leave the bay perfect for bodyboarding and kayaking in the waves – great fun!

So far this season we have issued twenty RYA Level 1 (adult sailing scheme) Dinghy Sailing Certificates and one Level 2 Dinghy Sailing Certificate.

On the Youth Sailing Scheme we have awarded twenty four ‘Start Sailing’ Stage 1 certificates, six Stage 2 certs and five Stage 3 certificates.  Congratulations to all of you who have participated on our courses and earned your certificates!  We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Many thanks to our team of dinghy instructors; Alexa, Rob & Breeshey and  Safety boat drivers; JQ, Baggie, Bacon Boy & Rudi (I think some of them have real names?).
We have also issued two Assistant Instructor certs to Hannah Eales and Ali Hinds, congratulations to you both and thank you for all your help over the season.

Thanks must also go to the shop team for turning up when needed & often at short notice! Stef, Greg, Bill, Mums and everyone else who said yes to the question ‘could you just keep and eye on the place for a few minutes……’

Powerboat training has also been sucessful & we have issued nine RYA Level 2 certs & four RYA Safety Boat certs.  We can proudly say that three of the Level 2 certs went to IOM Coastguard members – thanks to Gordy for running this course (any excuse to play with a fast boat!!! – wish we all got a go!)  Thanks also to Dave, Pete and Baggie for running some excellent powerboat courses over the summer – all the feedback we got was excellent!

It’s been a great season for sailing and powerboating at 7th Wave.  We will be doing more over the winter, particularly powerboating…… And sailing courses will be starting from Easter 2007.  In the meantime we’ve still got body boards & kayaks, a few 5mm wetsuits for the winter! And of course the howies autumn range should be with us in a few weeks (there’s some lovely jumpers etc in the preview catalogue!!)

Hope this winds dies down for the courses we’re running tomorrow & tuesday?

Jack’s new favourite (and only) toy!!

After almost 2 months with us Jack is slowly evolving to display normal dog behaviour!!  During the last full moon we withnessed him picking up a tennis ball & briefly chasing it for a while, although we couldn’t get him to repeat this behaviour after the full moon.

That was until the other day – he found himself a new toy – an orange!!  The orange mysteriously appeared on the floor in Martins flat on Friday night……. Ever since, Jack has been happily wandering round with this orange in his mouth.  It came to Sulby with us on Friday night and he carried on playing with it – nearly took Tony’s fingers off in the process.  I think it dawned on him that we kept trying to take the orange off him – only to throw it back to him again, not liking this game so much he got all possessive of the orange and has now taken to sitting or lying on it so no-one can take it off him!  The selfsame orange is with us in the shop today – anyone visiting or passing the shop need to be aware of stray oranges on the pavement outside.

He’s only just learning how to play! Trying to teach him about health & safety at the same time might be asking to much……. So please, watch your step & fingers and don’t try to steal the orange!

Can’t believe he’s found a toy he likes!!  Maybe it’s a comfort thing coz Jon’s away or maybe Jack thinks he has to be all cool and manly when Jon’s around, but now Jon is away he can play like the big softie dog that he is?

End of season sale starts 31st August

Yep, that’s it – the summer is drawing to an end, we still have some of the howies summer range in stock and available at discounted prices from Thursday 31st August.

We are expecting the howies autumn range to be in stock from mid September

New engine on the Tornado

Finally, finally, finally the Tornado RIB is up and running with a new (second hand) 50hp Honda 4-stroke on the back (key start & electric tilt so us girlies can drive it easily too)!  The good news is we are now able to run powerboat and sailing courses at the same time or we can run powerboat courses for up to 6 people per course.

Thanks to Maurice Walsh for the transom rebuild and thanks to Eddie Allen at Yachthaven Marine in Ballasalla for his prompt work getting the engine fitted.  Nice to be fully operational again!

Regatta? Woof?


Good Sniffings upon you, my salty sea-friends.

I be currently biding my time down here in Port Erin, where my fleet is moored while we wait for news from my fellow sea-dogs, but I also be lookin for crew – I need strong willed fellows and lasses to try out my fleet. I don’t want my boats getting shy of the water, they have to be kept on their toes y’see. Can’t be havin em get afraid o’ it can we.

So, if yas think you could help me out on this, there’s a lass in the shop down here who’ll show ya the ropes for the passing of a few good pieces of the ole silver.
I be hearing too that today is Regatta Day in Port Erin, so there’s lots of folk on the beach today, all playing and having a grand old time, al be having to go out there for a skeet soon, but for now I’m just going to be watching the shop, make sure my Skipper doesn’t run off again like she did last night. I don’t want to be loosing a fine crew member to another boat.

Anyway M’ Hartys, I’m off for a tankard of my best grog (though to let yas into a secret – I’m more convinced that The Skipper filled it with water last time I asked her to get some from the holds)

Happy Woof!

Cap’n BlackJack 


Hey Guys, hope you all got there in one piece without too many misadventures on the way?

Things here are fine – we’re coping without you (just) need a powerboat instructor for saturday if anyone gets fed up and decides to come home early!?

Jack is the new boatman! “Rescue Dog” !!! He’s been out doing safety the last 2 days, we’ll soon get him qualified……

Let us know how much fun you’re having and how nice the weather is!!……..