RYA Dayskipper and Yachtmaster Practical courses from IOM!

We are delighted to announce that 7th Wave can now offer Dayskipper and Yachtmaster Practical courses through a partnership with Conwy Yacht Charter. The deal is quite simple, if we can get a minimum of four people to commit to a course on the same dates Conwy Yacht Charter will bring their beautiful 47th Sparkman and Stevens yacht to the Island to start and finish the course here.

At present we have three course options, Saturday 21st to Wednesday 25th September and / or Monday 14th to Friday 18th October and / or Monday 21st to Friday 25th October. If you have completed the Theory courses you can sign up for these practical courses.

This new partnership means we are also able to offer combined courses where we spend four days at 7th Wave completing the Dayskipper or Yachtmaster Theory course followed by five days on board cruising the Irish Sea to complete the practical element of the course.

There are no other centres on the Island able to offer both theory and practical courses with departure and return to a Manx port, so already we have saved you the expense of travelling off-island for practical courses.

The course fee for the five day practical course is £595 per person, this includes all tuition, accommodation on board and meals, http://www.conwyyachtcharter.co.uk/home.asp For combined courses the course fee is £879 which includes all course materials too.

We are hoping to build a long term partnership with Conwy Yacht Charter and to run more combined courses in the future. At the moment I am trying to get some idea of demand / interest for these courses. if you are interested in any of the above dates please drop me a line. If you would like information about future dates please also drop me a line.