Another windy week…

…but we still managed to get out on the water every day. Monday was almost perfect conditions for day one of last week’s Youth Sailing Week, with all eight students really getting the hang of it quickly and by the end of day one everyone was happily reaching across the bay and tacking thier boats. Tuesday was a breezy day to begin with, so the morning was theory sessions and a bit of kite flying, then the wind dropped and we were able to get out on the water again in the afternoon. Typical though that shortly after launching the wind really picked up, everyone coped with it brilliantly and demonstrated some excellent lee shore landings in the surf! Wednesday morning; more wind and more theory, we now have a group of expert knot tyers. The the wind dropped a bit and got out for a bit more sailing, until we spotted more big dark clouds rolling in and decided to get back to the beach. Our timing couldn’t have been better, as soon as we got ashore a huge squall came through with some really big gusts. Capsize drill in the shallows concluded the afternoon. Thursday and even more wind. Jon took everyone for a tour around Port Erin Lifeboat during the morning.The afternoon was still too windy for sailing but we got everyone on the water kayaking for a hour or so, then a basking shark was spotted in the bay so Chris took everyone in the RIB for a closer look – lucky kids!!
Friday – and finally a full day on the water!!! A good week had by all in spite of the weather, loko forward to seeing you all back for more sailing next year….

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